Made by : Eness
Concept + Design : Benjamin ducroz
Sound : John Bartley
Year : 2011
Duration : 1:20
Format : 1920 x 1080

A continuation from previous work named mimicry (film bellow).  Möbius sees a small wooden sculpture become lifesize. This would not have happened without eness and federation square in melbourne.
All my gratitude to both, and to all the wonderful people who helped animate the pieces over the 6 days. It was quite a demanding task for all.

MÖBIUS & MIMICRY are a formal experiment in geometry and motion, and representations of time and repetition.
I call these animations 'Stopcycles'.  'Stopcycles'' are stop motion animations which cycle infinitely through time.
'Stopcycle' sculptures can be configured into many cyclical patterns. They behave as though they are eating themselves, whilst sinking into the ground and returning to the surface.

MÖBIUS making of
Directed by Eness

Director : benjamin ducroz
Sound : Singlesignal
Year : 2010
Duration : 1:15
Format : 1920 x 1080