Popcycle explores the idea of regeneration and rejuvenation, using objects that form and reform. Each object can be defined as an ‘event’ that has an individual ability(s) and personality.
These characteristics are defined through their shape colour, movement and sound. The events appear in a chain reaction, each event influencing the other so they flow continuously.

Year : 2009
Duration : 00'38
Format : 1920 x 1080
Prizes / Previous Screenings : F5 Festival (NY, USA) 2009, Stash #60

Director : Benjamin Ducroz
Sound : Samuel Acres
Production Company : Superfad
Creative Director : Adam Parry
Producer : Stuart Robinson
Production Assistant : Samantha O'keefe
Lead Animator : Benjamin Ducroz
Compositor : Kate Auld
Cg Artists : Andrew Daffy & Matt Estela @ House of Curves
Art Director : Ashling Johnson
Dop : Mark Patten
Gaffer : Chris Day
Special Thanks : Kristina Matovic, Matthias Peters, Ryan St James & Marie Ducroz