Director : Benjamin Ducroz
Sound : Samuel Acres
Year : 2009
Duration : 01'27
Format : 1280x720

PRESS + is a network of shapes that influence one another in a cause and effect relationship. each entity has its own colour, form and movement, which work in unison with the soundtrack. different forces such as gravity, wind and turbulence affect the shapes at selected moments within the sound. this creates precipitation by altering each form, or by altering the position of the camera. the shapes each have a beginning and an end, the death of one shape influences the birth of the next, the result is a string of mini big-bangs. the piece investigates cycles of change and the possibilities found in the metamorphosis between shapes.

PRESS + uses a combination of analogue and digital techniques. the shapes were improvised, utilising a matrix of points and lines. twelve shapes were selected and linked seamlessly in 3d software . they were then animated in synchronisation with the soundtrack. eventually each frame was printed with an inkjet printer on recycled paper. key moments were then further animated using ink and watercolour. the sequence was then recomposed, resulting in a spectacle of colour, form, movement and sound.